Talks and Meditations
June 1, 2021, Anne V Muhlethaler

Reflecting on Intention

Guided Meditation

This is one of my favorite practices, I can say that easily because I so frequently forget to connect to my deep intention. Daily, I write and attempt to connect back to my intention.

So whatever yours may be, internal or external, whether you are sending an email, a text message, considering your day, your year, your life, I invite you to practice getting in touch with your intention. Maybe, like me, you’ll try to make this a daily practice.

See what happens and drop me a line to let me know how you are getting on.

I gained much respect for this practice thanks to the wonderful teacher Tara Brach, who often quotes:

‘The Buddha taught that we live our lives on the tip of intention, it is the seed of our future.’

Let’s plant intentional seeds ✨🌱❤️

Give it a try and drop me a line to tell me whether you’ve enjoyed the practice.