Talks and Meditations
June 17, 2021, Anne V Muhlethaler

Exploring Mindfulness of Thought

Observing thoughts as clouds in our sky-like mind

This is a guided meditation led by podcast host and mindfulness teacher Anne Muhlethaler. 

In this short practice, we are invited to explore the third pillar of Mindfulness, called Mindfulness of Thought. Starting by following our breath or the sounds that surround us, as an anchor to the present moment, we then are guided to observe rather than identify the thoughts that come through, as if they were clouds passing above us in the sky-like mind of our consciousness. 

Grouping thoughts and noticing the ‘re-runs’, as they are often very repetitive, helps us become more closely acquainted with the content of our mind. Anne closes the meditation with this quote:

‘Ultimately it’s not the stories that determine our choices, but the stories we continue to choose.’ – Silvia Boorstein

Coloured Clouds in the sky