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Balancing at the crossroads between business and mindfulness, fashion exec turned brand consultant, mindfulness teacher and writer, Anne Muhlethaler, entertains conversations with friends, designers, entrepreneurs, meditation and yoga teachers, weaving their stories into an inspirational platform for a reflection on living.


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Latest Episode

S4:E05 Lisa Bragg

On the importance of being seen and heard and the art of bragging with purpose

Anne speaks to author, advisor and hype woman Lisa Bragg about her book “Bragging Rights” and why we should reframe bragging, self-promotion and sharing our successes.

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Out of the Clouds
May 10, 2024, Anne V Muhlethaler

S4:E05 Chris Schembra

on emotional transformation through gratitude practice, serendipity and the power of storytelling

Gratitude expert Chris Schembra tells Anne about the dinner party that sparked his 7:47 Gratitude Experience program and his work transforming professional environments through the power of recognition, belonging and authentic connection.

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Out of the Clouds
March 25, 2024, Anne V Muhlethaler

S4:E04 Caitlin Krause

on digital wellbeing, building worlds and designing wonder

XR experience designer and learning expert Caitlin Krause discusses with Anne the intersection of mindfulness, storytelling and immersive technologies.

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Out of the Clouds
March 8, 2024, Anne V Muhlethaler

S4:E03 Zubaida Bai

on building bridges, dismantling gender barriers, and amplifying HER power

Social entrepreneur and women’s health advocate Zubaida Bai tells Anne about her life’s pioneering work to ensure women across the globe have access to culturally appropriate social, health and financial resources.

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Out of the Clouds
February 18, 2024, Anne V Muhlethaler

S4:E02 Joan Hyman

on her dharma, teaching around the world and designing the School of Yoga

Yoga teacher and founder of the Schoolof.yoga Joan Hyman tells Anne about finding her voice as a teacher, her world travels, and her vision for the future of yoga.

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Out of the Clouds
January 17, 2024, Anne V Muhlethaler

S4:E01 Sridevi Kalidindi

on proactive mental health care, investing in employee wellbeing and finding joy within oneself

Sridevi Kalidindi, a senior consultant psychiatrist and leadership and executive coach, tells Anne about her award-winning work in psychiatry and proactive mental health care, including through her company KLIP Global, a data-driven and science-backed wellbeing service for companies who want to see their employees thrive.

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Out of the Clouds
November 26, 2023, Anne V Muhlethaler

S3: E17 Bridgitte Dempsey Klein

on innovative natural skincare, bottling up the goodness of the sea and connecting to her roots

Bridgitte Dempsey Klein, the beauty entrepreneur and founder of French natural skincare brand Yanne Wellness, tells Anne about the several career pivots she’s taken and speaks to the influences behind each — including her desire to bottle up the goodness of the sea for her innovative skincare and food supplement systems brand.

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Out of the Clouds
October 23, 2023, Anne V Muhlethaler

S3:E16 Cath & Jeremy Brown

On balanced partnerships, considered designs and Feldspar’s commitment to heritage crafts

Cath and Jeremy Brown, the couple behind the beloved UK design brand Feldspar Studio, tell Anne about their journeys from early careers in different fields and then their relocation and the creative experiment that led them to establish Feldspar as a bona fide company. The pair also explains the design of their ‘wonky’ products, the importance of endangered heritage crafts and how they balance their romantic and professional partnership.

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