Meet Anne V

Hey! I’m Anne, but you can call me Anne V  (or Annvi, my nickname, short for Anne Virginie).

I am an ex-fashion executive (I used to PR red soles) turned consultant by day and meditation teacher by night. I’m joking, not really nights, more like evenings and weekends.

I’m also a certified 200RYT yoga teacher and a life coach. I know, that’s a lot.

In addition, I host and produce a podcast called Out of the Clouds, which I launched in 2020 (read about it here), where I invite friends, designers, entrepreneurs and teachers to talk about their lives and their work. They kindly indulge me and share their own mindfulness practices, tell me what keeps them grounded, what brings them happiness and much more.

I also started writing a few years ago and enjoy exploring metaphors and life at the crossroads between business and mindfulness, just as I do in the podcast.

Out of the Clouds was the name I gave to the digital notebook I created on my laptop, a writing folder where I jotted down my first stories back in the summer of 2019. The name Out of the Clouds was inspired by a song that I love by the artist Emily King. The name stuck.

Today, Out of the Clouds is both a podcast but now also a public writing folder. In it you will find my own mindful musings in the Journal, long-form pieces in Writing from Out of the Clouds and soon you will also be able to discover other voices (writers, essayists, podcasters) who will join mine to explore metaphors and life with a mindful lens.

Thanks for being here, now I’ll let you poke around. Enjoy!

"Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that it's worth doing no matter how it turns out."

Václav Havel

My mission / dream

I would have greatly benefited from the tools offered by mindfulness, meditation and yoga when I was younger. Life could have been richer, smoother - certainly easier. And here I am now, a teacher.

So my hope, my dream, is to offer others the learnings which have supported me in my journey. I’m doing this for younger me and anybody else out there looking to feel more at home in themselves.

Long term, I hope to build a virtual home, a platform and a publishing house, for writers, thinkers, poets, other voices and podcasters who wish to explore our world with a mindful lens.

a picture of Anne's portrait by Jerome Lagarrigue