About Out of the Clouds

Step into the realm of mindfulness with Out of the Clouds, where ex-fashion executive turned MMTCP-certified coach, consultant and teacher Anne Mühlethaler curates a rich tapestry of offerings to nurture your mind, body, and soul.

From free guided meditations and premium courses to stimulating podcast interviews and enlightening essays, discover the transformative power of exploring life with a mindful lens.

An aspiring yogi for many years, Anne only turned into a daily meditator after discovering Loving Kindness meditation while on holiday. Having experienced the transformational power and the benefits of Loving Kindness (also known as Metta meditation), Anne is dedicated to teaching loving kindness online, to broaden the reach of this powerful, if lesser known practice.

Much like Anne, Out of the Clouds balances at the crossroads of business and mindfulness. On the business mindfulness podcast, she entertains conversations with designers, entrepreneurs, meditation and yoga teachers, and beyond, with the idea to bring to her audience insightful interviews that uplift and inspire.

Anne’s interview style is inviting, thoughtful and engaged, asking the practical “how” and “why” questions while creating space for her guests to be themselves beyond their respective specialties.

Out of the Clouds is also a space for exploring stories with a mindful lens, a personal development blog to learn Loving Kindness and inspire a journey of self-discovery.

In all, Out of the Clouds is an inspirational online mindfulness platform for a reflection on living with intention.

Meet the founder & discover her vision

Anne Mühlethaler brings together her experiences as a fashion executive turned brand consultant, mindfulness teacher, and writer to curate conversations that transcend conventional boundaries in her online mindfulness platform, Out of the Clouds. With a keen focus on exploring the intersections of entrepreneurship, social impact, and personal growth, each episode offers a unique blend of inspiration and introspection.

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Out of the Clouds, an online mindfulness platform for a reflection on living with intention.