Talks and Meditations
December 25, 2022, Anne V Muhlethaler

Finding focus and energy with mindfulness

Dialling into the breath for support

In this live recorded practise, mindfulness teacher Anne Muhlethaler starts with an inquiry around intention: what is our deep reason for meditating, for practising?

Then we are led through a mindfulness of breath practise where the focus is not just to watch the movements of the breath, but to use it to help us through the challenges of meditation. 

Dialling into the breath for support — so that when we feel dull and need to feel energised, the breath comes in to refresh us; or when we feel anxious, excited, scattered, and we seek to calm our nervous system and settle down, — can help us collect ourselves and be the anchor that helps us stay more present in the moment. 

This is both a concentration practice and a resilience practice, reminding us that the breath, ever changing and ever present, can also support us in daily life.