Talks and Meditations
December 30, 2022, Anne V Muhlethaler

Letting it be easy

Going on a journey with mindfulness of breath

This mindfulness of breath practise is an invitation to learn to follow the journey of the breath, first in and around the nostrils, and then into the body. The breath moves us on a cellular level, and while we know this, cognitively, mindfulness of breath can be one of the only times in life where we explore how far we can feel the breath move us. 

Beyond the connection with the inhale, the exhale, the heart beat and the dance of aliveness in the body, Anne guides us to let go of striving and let it be easy.

Easy to focus, trusting that our attention will waver and yet come back to the anchor of the breath.

Making it easy so that we know we can always come back to the breath, even when things are challenging, throughout the day. 

Letting it be easy is also a reminder that sitting in mindfulness meditation, and watching our breath move, can be a holiday, a vacation, whether we want to feel energised, or relaxed, focused or open — the breath is always there for us.

So let it be easy, this holiday season.

And if things are challenging, this practise is your reminder that you can always have a break.