Talks and Meditations
December 17, 2022, Anne V Muhlethaler

Nurturing Connection with Loving Kindness

A meditation for spiritual connection and physical wellbeing

In this guided meditation, recorded live, mindfulness teacher Anne Muhlethaler guides us in a classic Mettā, or Loving Kindness, practise. Mettā, from Pali, can also be translated as ‘friendliness’ or ‘connection.’ The meditation is simple, but not easy, and its benefit can be felt in as little as a single practice. 

We are invited to repeat Loving Kindness mantras or phrases, like ‘May I be well, May I be happy’ and then find our own rhythm with the repetition of them, keeping our attention on each word, making the intention contained to take root. 

Psychologist and author Daniel Goleman says Loving Kindness phrases are psycho-active. The more we repeat the phrases, the more we practise, the more we begin to nurture a sense of connection: to others and to ourselves.

Using gentle visualisation, this meditation invites us to also connect feelings of wellbeing in the body, to bring them into our experience. 

Choose to practise this once or take the challenge and choose to practise every day for sixty days and discover the power of Loving Kindness for yourself.