Talks and Meditations
December 17, 2023, Anne V Muhlethaler

The River of Sensations

Mindfulness of the Body

In this 12-minute guided meditation, teacher Anne Mühlethaler invites us to first explore the touchpoints of the body, making them the anchor for this mindfulness of the body practice.  

While we keep our attention focused within the body — on the hands, or the sit bones or the feet against the ground — we may feel a multitude of sensations. We are also invited to note what sensations may arise, careful not to narrate the experience but instead concentrating on the felt sense of what is occurring in the body. 

Anne notes that fluctuation is the only thing that is truly permanent. 

So we learn to rest our attention, and yet our attention is continuously moved and pulled by the river of the moment-to-moment sensations. 

In practising mindfulness of the body, we become intimate with the movements of aliveness within and, as best we can, we rest our awareness on the changing experience.