Talks and Meditations
June 26, 2022, Anne V Muhlethaler

Mindfulness Meditation

A relaxed & attentive body scan

Photos of hands and feet in the air

Particularly well suited to daily practice, the body scan is an invitation to explore the sensations of the body and foster a sense of connection to ourselves.

During this guided meditation, we start by setting an intention. Next we settle in by exploring the sounds in our environment. Being gently receptive, you’ll take in the soundscapes of what is happening right where you are, without naming or judgement. 

Then we move into a relaxing body scan, using our focus as if it were a sensory flashlight that we can shine onto the body. You’ll explore the feelings and sensations in your body, from the inside out. 

Whenever we get lost, we are invited to bring our attention back to the body and start over with a kind and gentle awareness. This is the true practice of mindfulness: when we notice we’ve been lost in thought and start again. 

You can practice the body scan either seated or lying down (as long as you are not too sleepy to start with).