Talks and Meditations
February 12, 2024, Anne V Muhlethaler

Exploring the Present Moment

Mindfulness of the Body

Meditation teacher Anne Mühlethaler guides us into a mindfulness of the body practice, where we explore the points in the body that are in contact with the floor and the surface upon which we are seated. 

We are invited to find a posture that invites a sense of aliveness, energy as well as a feeling of relaxation. Then, noticing the quality of the support at each touch point, we learn to rest our attention to examine and be with the sensations that may be present in the body. 

As with other mindfulness of the body practices, we try to remain with the body as best we can, exploring this realm of pure sensations, without letting our mind wander off. But when it does (which it will), we gently come back to rest our awareness on the sensations, as they come and go.