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January 3, 2021, Anne V Muhlethaler

LovingKindness Meditation

Lovingkindness - Kindness as the water of humanity

LovingKindness as water of humanity

Lovingkindness or Metta, is a practice that invites a genuine intention, first directed towards oneself, before turning to others and the whole world, to be healthy, at ease and safe from harm. Far from being a simple wish or a prayer, Metta doesn’t change our situations yet it may change how we relate to ourselves and each other over time. 

This meditation awakens listening presence, first inquiring about the state, then offering relaxation and ease through the body, tuning in to the heart area, before then moving into breathing in and out, repeating lovingkindness phrases. 

Teacher Ruth King says in her book ‘Mindful of Race’:

“Kindness is the water of humanity. Without water, we harden. Kindness is an attitude, an aspiration, and a practice.”