Out of the Clouds
May 12, 2024, Anne V Muhlethaler

S4:E05 Lisa Bragg

On the importance of being seen and heard and the art of bragging with purpose

Lisa Bragg speaks to Anne Muhlethaler on Out of the Clouds the podcast

There are serendipitous moments in life, particularly when two women who are equally passionate about storytelling and connection end up on a podcast together. Anne Muhlethaler, coach, consultant and host of Out of the Clouds, interviews author, advisor and your hype-woman Lisa Bragg.

Lisa starts by sharing her journey from TV news reporter to launching her business, MediaFace, in 2007, which pioneered what we now know as content for our digital world. She also offers thoughts on the challenges posed by growing up with Bragg as a last name. 

That leads Anne to ask Lisa about the genesis for her book, “Bragging Rights,” as well as how she designed the research which underpins it. Lisa speaks about the importance of creating a safe environment for people to talk about their successes, either at home or at work, to support personal and professional growth. While some research out there advises women not to brag or celebrate their successes for fear of backlash, Lisa challenges the concept (and the research) and suggests that it’s time for us to change the culture and ‘sister up’.  

She goes on to explain how taking an inventory of our personal values can be one of many exercises to explore meaningful self-promotion, highlighting that we are all the “CEO of our own life.” 

The two women discuss that while purposeful self-promotion is important, it’s often challenging. Anne admits to barely being able to name any of her successes, and Lisa responds that ‘she is her book,’ meaning that she, too, has times where she goes back into her shell, waiting to be discovered instead of putting herself out there —and she wrote the book on it!

Lisa is clear about her mission to help others be seen and heard, and leaves listeners with this recommendation: Don’t wait for others to give you opportunities, take them into your own hands, adding “celebrate your successes and don’t tear down others for their achievements.”

A powerful conversation with a compelling guest. Happy listening!


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