Out of the Clouds
October 23, 2023, Anne V Muhlethaler

S3:E16 Cath & Jeremy Brown

On balanced partnerships, considered designs and Feldspar’s commitment to heritage crafts

Cath and Jeremy Brown of Feldspar on the Out of the Clouds Podcast

Cath and Jeremy Brown are the couple behind the beloved design brand Feldspar Studio (@feldsparstudio), known for its useful everyday items, made properly by the careful hands of master craftspeople in their two workshops in England. 

The couple talk to Anne, who supported them early on as a consultant, about their early careers, how the two met (a very romantic story) and explain how they left London for Devon on a whim after Cath got pregnant with their first son, Milo. They also relay to Anne how they got their hand into ceramics and how, not much after, they decided to turn this creative experiment into a bona fide company. 

Jeremy is used to wearing many different hats, with a background in art and design from Goldsmith’s College and an expertise in woodwork from an earlier time. He also worked for the UN and later the International Trade Center (part of WTO) with ethical and sustainable artisans workshops in remote communities. Meanwhile Cath went from the art world to architecture, building schools in her last job.

Both are obsessed with having total control over the design, production and packaging of their products, and the pair, balanced in their skill sets, explain how they split the work between themselves but ultimately make all their decisions together. 

Their famously ‘wonky’ products are considered designs, as Cath explains, made mindfully for superior enjoyment — like the dimples in their coffee mugs or the perfect pour of their teapot. The two are equally excited at the idea to continue to grow the product range while committing to work with labour-intensive crafts that are currently endangered in the UK. 

With the goal of continuing to make things by hand, the Feldspar duo offer a fresh approach to old materials, creating designs to outlive the owner — true objects for life. 

Jeremy and Cath also tell Anne about the importance of regularly reevaluating their lifestyle as the company grows, so that they stay true to their priorities: spending time with each other and with their kids. 

Cath then shares the story of her Neapolitan great-great-grandpa’s cookbook and chats to Anne about the studio’s upcoming collaborations with artist Tanya Ling

The couple end by revealing their dream future for Felspar, a holistic experience which they jokingly describe as ‘Google, but for making things’. 

A joyful and insightful conversation with an inspiring entrepreneurial duo. Happy listening! 

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The Canelé pastry that inspired the Feldspar x Berdoulat ceiling rose

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The original Feldspar x Tanya Ling collaboration

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