Out of the Clouds
April 25, 2021, Anne V Muhlethaler

# 15 Keris Marsden

on naturopathy, self care and following her gut

Keris Marsden of Fitter Food

Show Notes

In this episode of Out of the Clouds, Anne Muhlethaler interviews Keris Masden (@fitterfood), in a first of what may be several interviews with the highly qualified naturopathic nutritional therapist, trainer and lecturer at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. Keris, with her partner Matt Whitmore, runs Fitter Food: a comprehensive platform offering good food, optimal health and tools to get fit and active, and leading long and happy lives.

Anne invites Keris to share first the why behind her path into personal training, and then into naturopathy. A very personal journey indeed, in large part motivated by a loved one’s cancer diagnosis and a chance encounter with a naturopath at an event. Anne and Keris also share their personal experiences in and around burnout, which leads them to discuss the function of breath in gut health and the importance of finding ways to release the stress cycle in our modern (and currently pandemic) environment. 

Keris then explains how she first got interested in the Paleo diet, how she thinks it can  be adapted and how it supports a healthier lifestyle. Herself a keen cook (and a budding chocolatier), she started creating deliciously nutritious recipes for her clients, which then turned into her first book, ‘The Paleo Primer’. She kindly credits her dog Hamish, a Bavarian mountain hound, as her best personal trainer and advisor, who is also a paleo convert. 

The two finish as always discussing mindfulness tips, the importance of community, favourite books (The Salt Path by Raynor Winn), the best advice Keris received from a friend (watch your gut!) and what brings her happiness. A really wonderful, personal and powerful conversation. Enjoy!

Selected Links from Episode

Selected links from the episode: 

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Keris also blogs regularly on Fitter Food about her own experiences with naturopathy, healthcare, etc.  Very much worth a read.

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Keris Marsden of Fitter Food